Ice Defense
Preventing Ice Buildup & Damaging Ice Dams

What is Ice Defense?

Gutter Helmet and Quality Roofing’s exclusive Ice Defense system features Gutter Helmet® gutter protection, Heated Helmet heating cable, and blown-in attic insulation. Gutter Helmet® keeps debris out allowing rainwater to flow freely all year. Helmet Heat uses self-regulating heating cables that activate during snowstorms eliminating ice buildup. Blown-in attic insulation keeps the heat in your home reducing freeze-thaw cycles on your roof.

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Preventing Damaging Ice Dams

An ice dam is ice that builds up on the lower edge of your home’s roof and prevents water (or melting ice and snow) from flowing off your roof and into your gutters and downspouts. Since the water can’t flow off the roof, it backs up and eventually finds its way into your home.

The ice dam damage usually shows up as water leaking into rooms directly under the roof or signs of water staining your ceiling, walls, and insulation.

Protection from Extreme New England Winters

Whether you are a current Gutter Helmet® customer or a new customer we can help you protect your home from damaging ice dams. Our consultants will assess the specific needs of your roof and gutter system and develop a customized Ice Defense system designed to minimize ice build up and keep your gutters free-flowing all winter long.

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