Your gutters can make or break the health of your entire roof and home. Playing an important role in channeling rain away from your home, properly installed gutters can keep water from infiltrating your foundation and exterior trim. They can even reduce ice build-up and damage to roofing while preventing unsafe conditions on walkways.

Clogged gutters prevent the smooth run-off of rainwater, which can compromise not only your home’s structure but your family’s health as well. Check out these reasons why clean gutters translate to a healthy home.

Keep your gutters clean to:

Prevent Roof Damage

When water pools inside gutters that are clogged with debris, that water will begin to collect on the bottom of your roof. The result? Moisture buildup and the possibility of wood rot. Rot leads to wet insulation, mold growth and costly structural damage. Plus, when water is allowed to sit on your shingles and roof valleys, leaks can happen. The costs associated with roof damage and leaks inside the home are very high. It’s best to avoid these high costs in the first place, and you can do that with the right gutter system.

Keep Out Pests

Rodents and insects love damp areas. It stands to reason that if water sits for a long time in your gutters, it will attract termites, mosquitoes, and other insects and pests. If those critters make their way into the house, you could have a health problem on your hands as it impacts your family. Pests can carry disease, bite or sting, and nest in your belongings, so use the right gutter system to keep them out of your interior.

Prevent Damage to Fascia

Fascia — the long, straight board that runs along the roof’s lower edge behind the gutter – can fall victim to splashing from overflow. This will eventually cause your fascia to rot, allowing access to your attic by pests of all kinds.

Avoid Overwatering Garden Beds

If you, like many homeowners, have fruit, vegetable, flower and other plants in your garden, they can be compromised and destroyed by a malfunctioning gutter system. Essentially, your plants will drown from all the excess water falling onto them – in severe storms, the water runoff can come down in powerful sheets. Clean gutters will carry that rainwater off the roof and divert it elsewhere so your plants can thrive.  

Prevent Cracks in the Foundation

Water can damage your home’s foundation if the gutters and downspouts don’t properly direct rainwater away from the house. That water will saturate the soil around the foundation, making it unstable over time. Pooling rainwater also freezes and expands with extreme temperatures, leading to cracks in your foundation. Foundation damage is not cheap to fix!

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