Supporting the Community in tough Economic Times

Helping others that are less fortunate is an important part of our RI home improvement company’s philosophy and our employees take pride in supporting the local community. Recently Moonworks made a major contribution to the Rhode Island Foodbank, earlier this year we supported the annual fundraiser of the Boys and Girls Club of Cumerland – Lincoln, and we’ve made a donation to Make A Wish Foundation.

Every year we support Rhode Island PBS with it’s fundraising efforts. In addition, whenever South County Habitat for Humanity is providing housing for a deserving family, Gutter Helmet delivers gutters and downspouts and oftentimes our employees volunteer to intall the materials. This is Moonworks – Your Home Improved in action in and around RI.


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Thank you so much for all you do! We at Rhode Island PBS are grateful for your generosity each year. You’re a community leader and supportive neighbor to organizations who need and appreciate you. Thank you.

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