Uptick in Remodeling from Consumers Staying Put

I came across an interesting article: As More Homeowners Stay Put,
Remodeling Starts to Pick Up
on CNBC a
little while back that relates to home improvement and the current economy. The
article analyzes the changing attitudes of the typical homeowner in a down

wife and I had thought of this as more of an in-between house,” says one
Cincinnati homeowner. “Now we have decided to concentrate on making our
current home exactly like we want it.”

People are coming to the realization that they will
need to stay put for longer than earlier planned and they might as well make
their current residence as attractive and enjoyable as possible through
renovations. The typical homeowner can easily complete many of these home
improvements, however it is important to recognize one’s limits. Be sure to
hire professionals for larger more specialized jobs like installation of roofing, siding, and windows.

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