10 Free Home Improvement Resources

We have been very busy this year creating new and unique resources to help New England homeowners make good home improvement decisions. We have also discovered other companies dedicated to the same cause!

Below is a list of different resources that you may find useful as a homeowner in New England:

1. This Blog! Some of our favorite articles include:

– HomeStar Bill (Cash for Caulkers) Update: May 6th

– Monitor Energy and Save Energy: Picowatt is your Smart Grid at Home

– Want to move from your Home? Check out a Yurt 

2. RemodelQA – RemodelQA provides expert answers to your home improvement and remodeling questions. Get free advice from contractors and other experts specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, additions, outdoors, flooring, decor & interior design, new construction, and going green.

3. Guide: Residential Solar Technology Made Simple – We explore the difference between Solar Photovoltaic Systems (electricity) and Solar Thermal Systems (hot water). Moonworks carefully breaks down the technologies utilized, upfront cost, tax credits, and lifetime money savings for the consumer.

4. Guide: Home Improvement Tax Credits Explained – Learn the difference between a “tax credit” and “tax deduction.” Additionally, explore tax credits from your national and state government that can save you money on energy-efficient products like windows, doors, roofing, insulation, water heaters, solar energy and more.

5. Guide from US Department of Energy: Energy Savers Booklet – A free guide to saving energy and money at home from the U.S. Department of Energy.

6. Our Sister Blog : Renew My Home – Our other home improvement blog filled with useful information and tons of articles on window replacement.

7. Moonworks Photo Gallery – Our very own photo gallery will inspire you with great ideas to improve your home.

8. Handyguys Podcast – The Handy Guys are a couple of guys who know a lot and have distinct opinions on the rest with real experience to back it up.

9. Calfinder Remodeling Blog – An excellent  home improvement blog that features helpful articles always filled with great pictures

10. Backyards and Gardens Blog – The Backyards and Gardens Resource Guide provides design advice, do-it-yourself instruction, and product related information about anything and everything related to backyards and gardens, helping homeowners transform their outdoor space into a personal oasis.

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