20 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Essential Homeowner ToolsWhether you are really into DIY projects or just starting out, here are some tools that every homeowner should have.  You can complete about 90% of all home maintenance with just a handful of tools.  Tools really are an investment so be sure to buy good quality basics as they will last you a lifetime.  While you don’t need a toolbox per say, having a container or heavy duty canvas bag to organize all of the tools is a good idea.
Here are the basic tools that every homeowners needs to own:

  1. Hammer.  Seems simple enough but the one that is most versatile is a steel 16-ounce rip hammer.  With the straight claw, you can use it to pull out nails or rip out a wall.
  2. Screwdriver.  A 4 in 1 screwdriver is preferable as you can switch between a small and large Philips-head and a small and large flat-head bit.
  3. Tape Measure.  Go for the 25 footer as it is the perfect length when you’re measuring solo.
  4. Level.  Because sometimes eyeballing it isn’t the best option.
  5. Cordless drill with bits.  We use this all the time.  Whether you are hanging pictures, curtain rods or putting together furniture, this is a must for all homeowners.  Some more experienced DIY’ers may prefer a corded drill since it never loses its charge.  We just have a spare battery so if it cops out mid job, you just snap the replacement in and keep going.
  6. Pliers.  Channel-lock, lineman’s, vise-grips (locking pliers) and needle-nose are 4 most used.  The channel-lock pliers are adjustable and good for gripping nuts.  Lineman pliers cut and twist wires.  Needle-nose pliers are great for those hard to reach areas while many people find vise-grips helpful for clamping.  Just be careful with the vise-grips as they can cause you to mangle nuts and bolts if you aren’t careful.  Grab a pair of needle-nose pliers with a wire cutting blade near the hinge for more bang for your buck.
  7. Utility Knife.  You know, the one with the retractable blade that goes into the handle.
  8. Adjustable crescent wrenches.  If you get them in 6 and 14 inch sizes, you should be all set for most household jobs.
  9. Hex key.  Otherwise known as an Allen wrench.  I have sort of a love/hate relationship with this tool.  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  If you have ever put together furniture, you know why.
  10. Staple Gun.  The quickest way to reupholster anything.
  11. Handsaw.  Even if you own a circular saw, there may be instances where you need a handsaw. 
  12. Electronic stud finder.  Takes the guess work out of hanging heavy objects.
  13. Protective eyewear and gloves.  For safety sake.
  14. Electrical tester.  Again, for safety sake.
  15. Caulking gun.  A great way to save money and upgrade your home’s efficiency is by caulking the areas around windows and doors.
  16. Ladder.  Great for indoor and outdoor use.  Can be used to clean the gutters (unless you have Gutter Helmet, then you Never Have to Clean your Gutters Again).
  17. Drywall knife and a putty knife.  To do all of the patch work necessary prior to painting a room.
  18. 9 inch roller frame and roller brushes.  I like the one where the handle comes off so you can use it in high areas and then remove the handle for places within your reach.
  19. Assorted paint brushes.  Get a 2 ½ inch angled brush for interior cutting and trim and a 3 inch rectangular or oval brush for exterior cutting and trim.  We buy good quality brushes, wash and reuse.
  20. Paint tray with liners.  Liners make clean up quick and less messy.

Did we miss any tool essentials?  What tool can’t you live without?

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