2012 Home Improvement Trends

I came across this infographic from eLocal and it got me thinking about the upcoming year.  I think all of the trends listed below will hold true for 2012. 

Many homeowners have decided to stay put in their homes rather than move.  Therefore, the improvements being made are ones that allow homeowners to be more comfortable in their current homes for the long haul.  My vote for home improvement trend of the year- Making the Most of What you Have. 

Some projects that fall under this category could include swapping out old, drafty windows and doors for more energy efficient options.  Or, replacing an old roof and/or outdated siding for maximum protection. 

Since you can’t easily increase your home’s square footage, the best way to add more living space is to upgrade your outdoor or below grade space.  Adding patios and decks is a great way to do that and allow your home to be more functional for your family.  Making your basement a functional living area is another popular choice among families.  Your basement can serve as a place for your whole family to come together it can allow the kids and adults to have a seperate places in the home.

What do you think will be the 2012 home improvement trend of the year?  Take a look at the infographic below and let me know which projects you hope to tackle in 2012! 

Home Improvement Trends 2011
Source: eLocal.com

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