5 Amazing Modern Roof Pictures

Your home’s roof represents a large portion of your home’s curb appeal. Below are 5 pictures of contemporary and modern roofs that we thought you would find interesting.


Contemporary roof
You would not need to purchase much vinyl siding for this home.
Contemporary roof
Ultra sleek contemporary roof
Contemporary Roof
Glass roof from a British Museum with organic curves.
Modern Bird House Roof
 Now there is even a modern roof for your bird house. These new-age bird houses are hand-made and architect-designed.
Solaris Roof Shingle
Solaris Roofing Shingles don’t appear modern but the technology behind them is very modern. Solaris Roofing Shingles have reflective granules that reflect the sun’s light allowing homeowners to save on energy costs. To learn more Contact Moonworks about Solaris Roofing Technologies.


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