5 Ways to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Home Protection MA RINow that the holidays are upon us, many families are preparing to travel to their holiday destinations.  Whether you are driving or flying, many homeowners must prepare their homes for their departure.  With so many families gone around the holidays, you want to be sure your home is not a target for burglars

While we don’t all have the creativity of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, here are 5 practical ways that you can keep your home safe while you are home for the holidays.    

Utilize Light Timers

Light timers are a great way for it to look like there is someone home when you are away.  Be sure to utilize them on the interior and exterior of your home.  The key is to think of what rooms you would normally be in at which time and mimic your normal activity.  It looks suspicious when the same light in one room has been on for a week.

Notify Neighbors

The whole neighborhood doesn’t need to know that you will be gone, as that can make your home a target.  However, letting nearby yet trustworthy neighbors know you will be away will allow them to keep an eye on your home while you are gone and report any suspicious activity to the police.  Have a family member of neighbor pick up your mail for you or have the post office hold your mail so it doesn’t pile up outside your home.  You can also freeze your newspaper subscription while you are away so the papers don’t accumulate outside your door.

In addition, there is no need to broadcast that you are away from home.  Do not post it on Facebook or change your answering machine to reflect you are gone.  In fact, forwarding your home calls to a cell phone would be the best option.       

Secure your home

If you have an alarm system, make sure it is activated and advertised by posting the alarm company’s sticker on your doors and windows.  If you don’t have an alarm, be sure to deadbolt and lock all doors and windows.  Put all valuables in a secure place, like a safe deposit box.  Make sure your homeowners insurance is updated in case of emergency.

Close your Blinds and Curtains

If all blinds and curtains are closed, it could look suspicious but close the ones around your Christmas tree, if applicable, so someone walking down the street can’t see your presents under the tree.  Nothing is more of an invitation to break into your house than a room full of expensive gifts.

Discreetly Dispose of Boxes

Now that the holidays are over, you have to get rid of the boxes from your new flat screen TV, iPad or Nintendo Wii.  Dispose of the items discretely; otherwise, you are advertising what luxurious items will await them once they get in your home. 

While there is no way to absolutely prevent burglary, be cautious and proactive in securing your home can minimize and maybe deter intruders.

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