Becoming Your Own Handy Man (or Woman)

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Are you looking to save a little money? Or impress your friends or family? Improving your handyman skills is a great way to do these things and more. Let’s face it, things around your house or apartment stop working sometimes. Nobody likes calling someone to repair damages or fix electronics. Hiring a repairman is expensive. It can take days or weeks to get a response in some instances. If you would like to put repairmen in your rearview mirror, you should think about improving your skills and becoming your own handyman.

Know What You Can Do

Before even attempting to become a handyman, you need to know what you are capable of. You can only have so many abilities and you need to know what your limits are. It is actually quite brave to admit when you can’t do something. Wouldn’t you rather suck it up and throw in the towel than risk injuring yourself?

Watch Do-It-Yourself TV Shows

It seems like you can turn on the TV at any time these days and find a home repair show. While you may have passed these by previously, now is the time to start watching. These TV shows are treasure troves filed with great new tips and skills. The best part is, you will actually see how repairs are performed rather than just reading instructions.

Go to the Library

If you are becoming a handyman to save money, the last thing you want to do is spend big bucks on expensive repair guides. Instead of going to the bookstore, take a ride to your local library. Libraries have extensive collections of how-to guides and other materials. Check a few out or spend some time reading right at the library to take big steps toward becoming your own handyman.

Become Certified

If you are really serious about becoming your own handyman, you might want to think about enrolling in online schools for electricians or a similar field. Online schools offer several different programs that provide extensive information that help you become a handyman. You will learn from instructors and read materials that are not available anywhere else at online schools for electricians. After you complete an online program, you will be certified. A certification proves to others that you know your stuff.

Go to a Workshop

Many home repair shops and stores offer workshops on various repair techniques. Look into workshops that are available in your area. You will learn from an instructor and might even be able to practice your handyman skills right at the workshop. That way, the instructor will be able to correct any problems before you leave the store.

Start Compiling a Toolbox

Every handyman’s essential possession is the toolbox. You will need a toolbox to perform almost any repair around your house. It can be expensive to buy all of your tools at once. Instead, slowly buy a tool here and there to build your collection. Items to consider putting in your toolbox include: a caulking gun, gloves, a hammer, a tape measure, duct tape and extension cords. All of these will come in handy for almost any repair job.

Help Your Friends

You know you have denied a friends request for help on a repair project sometime in your past. Now is the time to start taking them up on their offers. Who knows, one of your friends might be an expert handyman in disguise. You will learn a ton of new handyman tricks while helping out one of your buddies. There you have it. By following these instructions you will be on the path toward becoming an expert handyman (or handywoman). You will save money while performing important household repairs including fixing that leaky faucet, installing a new door handle or caulking your windows.

About The Writer: Kevin Fortmyer is a husband and farther first and foremost, he works for an online schools website and in his free time he plays tennis and golf.

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