Bill Gates claims we need Innovation not Insulation!

Really? Well let’s explore the argument some more. As many of you probably know, over the past few years Bill has slowly been removing himself from the day to day operation of Microsoft to focus more, and now solely, on his charitable foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation focuses on philanthropy and is the champion of many novel causes including: Global Health, Poverty and Development, and Education world wide.

(Random Factoid: Bill Gates recently signed up for Twitter and received over 100,000 followers in under 8 hours! Follow him @BillGates.)

Recently, Bill Gates posted a note arguing

“Should society spend a lot of time trying to insulate houses and telling people to turn off lights or should it spend time on accelerating innovation?”…” Innovation in transportation and electricity will be the key factor.”

The meat of his argument in this article claims we have a huge challenge ahead of us and merely becoming more energy efficient is not enough to help slow climate change. In a sense, he is right, but he is going about the argument in the wrong way. Energy efficiency and innovation via renewable energy are not mutually exclusive. To solve climate change, we need to maximize the energy we are producing currently through weatherization, insulation, and energy efficiency, while also innovating in the renewable energy arena. Consumers should be evaluating existing technologies to improve their home and gain immediate cost savings while they wait for the world’s leaders and businesses to break through with the next great idea. Tell us what you think and comment below.

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