Boston’s Logan Airport Plants 16 Solar Panel Trees

Who says the airlines aren’t with the times? Recently, Boston’s own Logan Airport mounted 16 solar panel trees on the Terminal B Garage. The panels are expected to produce 83,980 KW hours of electricity or 2.5% of the total garage consumption. This is the equivalent to 115 barrels of oil or 5,637 gallons of gasolineannually. Each solar tree is mounted to an air ventilation unit on the roof of the garage to not impact parking space.

The coolest part of the project is definitely the real-time power generation reporting that is available to the general public on this website. The reporting website allows users to view power production at the real-time as well as see historical figures on bar graphs.


In addition to adding solar panels to the roof of the garage, the airport made another energy-efficient upgrade with the installation of LED lighting fixtures. The fixtures cost approximately $2 million or almost double the cost of standard lighting. Even with the higher upfront cost, the benefits highly outweigh the downside. The LED light fixtures utilize 49% less energy than conventional lighting systems. Logan is expected to recoup its investment in 5.5 years and expects a savings of $3.8 million over the next 20 years.

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