Duct Tape Fixes Everything” and Other Home Repair Myths

Home repair

Although it can do a lot of things, duct tape can not, in fact, fix everything.

You may have heard the handymen in your life spout the phrase “duct tape fixes everything.” This saying is almost legendary among do-it-yourselfers – it has even graced t-shirts and other memorabilia aimed at the DIY demographic. And while it’s nice to think that a little gray roll will fill all your home repair needs, this is one of several home improvement myths that homeowners should take with a grain of salt.

Duct tape is useful, no doubt about it. It can temporarily seal a crack or hold something in place until a permanent solution can be completed. It can seal ducts – hence the name. But obviously, there are many home repairs – roof repair, for one – that will only be made worse with duct tape, while others will not last without a better quality solution. And this isn’t the only home improvement myth that needs debunking.

Other Home Improvement Myths

–A remodel always adds value. Remodels typically run the gamut from paying for themselves in added value to being a drag on the home’s value that makes it harder to sell the home when the time comes. The Cost vs. Value report can give you a better idea of which improvements will add value to your home.

–Following trends is a good idea. Giving thought to some trends of yesteryear – from paisley wallpaper to olive green kitchens – should help convince you to stick to neutral colors if you want to avoid looking dated in a few years. Doing some research into the kinds of classic colors and styles that you prefer will help you find a look you will be happy to live with for more than just a few years until trends change.

–It’s always cheaper to do it yourself. If everything goes perfectly during the project, you may save money, but mistakes and do-overs are common occurrences when you try to do a project yourself. In all likelihood, you may break even or you may spend more fixing your mistakes than it would have cost to hire a professional in the first place.

Home repair
It takes a lot of skill and maybe even some luck to do repairs yourself and save money.

–If I run out, I can buy more. Before assuming that you can buy another box of tile or gallon of paint, it’s a good idea to make sure the item isn’t on clearance or being discontinued. Better yet, buy that extra box or gallon now – you can take some things back if you don’t use them, and you never know when something will be discontinued or clearanced out.

–A crack in the wall means there’s a serious problem. Most cracks aren’t serious, they happen with the normal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. If you have expanding cracks, uneven floors, or sticking doors, a structural engineer can check out the situation and let you know if a foundation problem is the source of the issues.

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