How to Turn Energy Reviews Into Savings

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to save money on the necessary expenses of running the household, including those annoying energy bills. But with so many variables affecting your energy usage — many of them invisible to the untrained eye — you may feel that you have little control over what you’re paying. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on your own know-how. Professional energy reviews can provide a wealth of information and advice on how to make cost-cutting changes.

What an Energy Review Tells You

An energy review, also referred to as an energy audit or energy assessment, is a thorough evaluation of your home by a qualified contractor. A representative of the Mass Save Major Renovations Program can do this for you for free. This includes infrared readings of your home, inside and out, and display temperature changes indicating where you’re losing cool or warm air. This may lead the contractor to check for specific structural problems, leaks around HVAC ducts, or weaknesses in the home’s insulation.

The contractor will also examine your major climate control components to determine whether you’re using outdated, energy-hogging equipment. Last but not least, the assessment will look at little wasteful details around the house, such as incandescent lights that emit more heat than light or multiple electrical items that draw “phantom power” while sitting unused.

News You Can Use

While you might instinctively shudder at the thought of receiving a poor “report card” on an energy review, there’s also cause for rejoicing — because now that you know what’s wrong, you can learn how to correct it. Part of your energy review includes comprehensive recommendations from your contractor that can dramatically reduce your energy bills. Some of these, such as upgrading to a tankless water heater or an Energy SMART compliant HVAC system, may require considerable investment but can pay for themselves and then some in the many years of energy-efficient service they provide.

Other fixes can prove astonishingly simple and cheap. Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs, for instance, can give you the same amount of light for a fraction of the electricity, while unplugging electronics until they’re used can add up to substantial savings as well. Home improvements, such as repairing holes or adding insulation will not only save you money and make you more comfortable, but they could also increase your home’s eventual sale value.

How to Get Started

Now that you see how a little knowledge can be turned into big savings, the next step is up to you. Contact Moonworks at 1-800-975-6666 and schedule an in-person Mass Save Major Renovations Home Energy Assessment. Then take action based on those professional recommendations to slash your energy bills once and for all!

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