Insulation Fire caused by Insulation Installer Error

Recently in Melbourne Australia, fire authorities have witnessed an increase in fires Insulation Firecaused by incorrectly installed insulation. 13 house fires this year have been blamed on incorrectly installed cellulose insulation. Many of these installations were fund by the Federal Government through its Home Insulation Program in February. The root cause of the fires was insulation material being placed over lights. Over time, the lights heated up and the insulation held the heat until a fire ignited. The correct way to install insulation is to box off anything that could release heat, allowing proper ventillation.

With every large government spending program comes the “gold rush”. Untrained individuals rush to the newly cash-infused industry to make a quick buck with little or no knowledge of the product. (We have seen this before – remember the hoards of inexperienced Loan Brokers pre-real-estate bubble pop?) Often, these individuals don’t have enough training and don’t perform the job correctly – putting families at risk.

To keep yourself and your family safe follow these rules when choosing an insulation contractor:

Make sure the contractor has proof of insurance and appropriate licenses.
Be sure they are BBB Accredited.
Make sure you ask for references.
Permits are a must – don’t work with anyone that won’t pull one.
Be sure to have a signed contract in place before you hand over your deposit.

These points should allow you to weed out the insulation professionals from the novices.

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Photo Credit: FedFireGuy

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