Is Fall the Toughest Season to Maintain Clean Gutters?

Okay, ladies and gentlemen – it’s time to give out the Seasonal Awards for 2014. Here are the winners:

For the Season Most Likely to Cause a Sunburn – the winner is… summer!
Next, the award for the Season Most Likely to Lead to Allergy Flare-Ups – congratulations to… spring!
The winner in the Season Most Likely To Make You Slip and Fall on your Keister is… winter!
And finally, the trophy for Season During Which It’s Hardest to Maintain Your Gutters goes to… autumn!

“Oh, what a surprise! I’m so unprepared! I’d like to thank my agent…”

Truth be told, autumn isn’t a runaway victor in this category. After all, debris such as leaves, twigs, and pine needles can make their way into your gutters during any season of the year.

Autumn Gutter Cleaning Can Be Difficult

That said, there’s a reason why they call the season fall. Given that the majority of trees and plants tend to shed their leaves, needles, pods, and other detachable parts during the September-to-December period, there’s more opportunities during autumn for this debris to be blown by the wind or slide down your roof into your gutters.

But there’s another explanation as to why it may be a bit harder to keep your gutters clean during the fall. That’s because for many homeowners and families, autumn marks the busiest season of the year. Students are going back to school, leaving them less time to do chores like gutter cleaning. The end-of-year holidays get under during the fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving, which garner a great deal of people’s attention. Plus, families are more easily distracted by football, fall festivals, and fitting in outdoor activities before it gets too cold – which leaves less time and energy to think about cleaning out your gutters.

Imagine all of the fun and important fall things that this person could be doing right now.

There are Options For You…

If you’re nodding your head because this seems to describe your fall pretty perfectly, then listen up: there is an easier way to maintain your gutters than having to worry about cleaning them out. You should invest in some gutter protection in order to keep debris from ever getting into your gutters in the first place.

One option is to head out to a hardware or home improvement store and check out some of the gutter screens and gutter covers that you can buy off the shelf. You can determine how many linear feet you need, buy it, bring it home, and install it over your gutters. Of course, this is assuming you have the time in your busy fall schedule to complete all these tasks. And even if you do, these products aren’t designed to last more than a few years – meaning you’ll have to repeat the process all over again at some point.

…But the Best One is: Gutter Helmet

Here’s a better alternative: Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet is a professionally-installed gutter protection system that fits over your existing gutters. Its patented reverse-curve design lets runoff water and snowmelt adhere to its cover and flow through a slotted opening into your gutters. But it also repels leaves, twigs, and other debris, which slide over the cover and onto the ground below. And here’s what separates Gutter Helmet from the rest of the pack: it’s guaranteed for life, so you never have to clean your gutters again!

See the difference that Gutter Helmet can make? What are you waiting for?

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