Living with Clogged Gutters? You Have Uninvited Occupants

It’s not a good idea to live in a home that has clogged gutters. If your roof’s runoff water from rain and snowmelt cannot flow freely to your downspouts, then it will spill over the sides of your gutters and onto the ground below. Over time, that displaced water can lead to landscaping erosion, flooded basements, or even costly foundation damage.

In addition to all of those potential problems, clogged gutters can also cause a very nasty side effect: an invasion of critters.

Clogged Gutters’ Most Wanted

Gutter Debris Makes Good Nesting Material

The majority of material that falls into gutters and forms clogs is leaves, pine needles, and twigs. These objects also happen to be the building blocks of nests and dens for a wide variety of animals. Birds, possums, rodents, squirrels and other creatures utilize this debris to construct their homes. Therefore, clogged gutters can act as a “home construction supply store” for these unwanted guests.

Standing Water Provides an Oasis For Pests

But it’s not just the solid debris that attracts pests. If your gutters are clogged, it’s a near certainty there is some water sitting in your gutters somewhere. And this standing water can act as a beacon and haven for all kinds of bugs and insects, including mosquitoes, gnats, cockroaches, and flies. These water sources provide a handy place for the invaders to lay their eggs and wait for them to hatch. In addition, standing water can also be enough to attract worms, spiders, and even snakes into your gutters.

He’s enjoying his new home – in your gutter.

Clean Your Gutters, Evict Your Unwanted Guests

The easiest and most obvious way to avoid this problem is to clean out your clogged gutters. The most common way is to get up on the roof or a ladder and scoop out all the debris by hand either into a bag or onto the ground itself (where it can be picked up later). If you have the proper tools, you can spray out the gutters using a hose with a sprayer and a wand attachment, or vacuum out the debris with a wet-dry vac and an extension tool. When you’re finished unclogging your gutters, be sure to wipe up any excess dirt and mop up any remaining standing water – then run water from a hose through your gutters to make absolutely sure they are no longer clogged.

Preventing Animal Invasions In Your Gutters

Once your gutters are clean, there are some preventive measures you can take to keep pests away. These include:


    • trimming tree branches at least three feet away from your roofline
    • installing plastic baffles on overhead wires that lead to your home
    • cleaning up standing water on your property
    • securing and keeping all garbage containers closed
    • applying repellents in and around your gutters
    • setting up traps or animal decoys inside and near your gutters

He’s in your gutter, too. Feel safe?

But perhaps the most effective way to keep your gutters clear of both debris and animals is to have the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system installed. This gutter cover repels all birds and large animals. But more importantly, it allows leaves and pine needles to slide off onto the ground while permitting runoff water to trickle into the gutters through a small opening. Therefore, debris never enters gutters in the first place, so they don’t get clogged and attract unwanted visitors. In fact, with Gutter Helmet, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again!

For more information on the Gutter Helmet system, contact Moonworks today a 1-800-975-6666, or visit their Web site today to set up a free, on-site appointment.

Yes, even this critter could be in your clogged gutter RIGHT NOW.

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