Mow Your Lawn Once a Month with Pearl’s Premium Grass Seed

I was listening to NPR earlier this week and was instantly intrigued by a story on grass seed. I know this isn&;t usually a riveting subject, however, it is when you hear what Pearl&;s Premium Grass Seed can do. How would you like to have a lawn that needs little to no watering, minimal fertilizing, and only needs mowing once a month?

A few years back, Jackson Madnick, Founder Pearl’s Premium, set out to find a grass seed that left less of a negative impact on the environment. With the help of several grass scientists, Jackson created a patent pending seed mix that has r
evolutionized the lawn industry. The secret to Pearl&;s Premium is found in the seeds&; 12 inch root system. This deep root system allows the grass to reach deeper in the soil tapping into its natural moisture and nutrients. The mixture grows at a fraction of the rate of regular lawns, only requiring mowing once per month. It is available in both a sun and shade mixture.

What if I already have grass? How can I switch to Pearl&;s Premium?

You probably have thoughts of driving a backhoe onto your lawn and digging up all the old grass. While this would be an interesting sight, it is drastic and unneeded. To apply Pearl&;s Premium to your existing lawn just follow a few simple steps:

  • Cut lawn extremely short (ideally, right down to the dirt with a dull blade)
  • Rake away clippings and dislodged thatch
  • Spread Pearl’s Premium seeds according to the concentration shown on the back of the bag
  • Water in the morning for one month, then (if seeded in Spring) water once a week through first summer
  • Once lawn is established, follow maintenance instructions closely
  • Over-seed following season to accelerate transformation

Not convinced yet? Check out the Testimonials Page on the Pearl&;s Premium website or take a look at the video below.

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Photo Credit: Pearl&;s Premium Grass Seed

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