Self-Cleaning Smart Refrigerator of the Future

I know what you are thinking – not another revolutionary kitchen appliance that is just like all the rest (just a little shinier with 1 more feature). Well I can promise you, if you read this entire blog, it will be well worth the time because this kitchen appliance is like nothing you have ever seen (or probably even thought of).

Introducing…the self-cleaning fridge concept that makes meals and save money. This concept appliance was dreamed up by a project between the University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado (based in the UK). The core mission of this refrigerator is to minimize waste, which includes energy and physical waste from spoiling food.

To minimize food waste:

  • The fridge scans the food it is currently holding and suggests potential recipes. This includes leftovers! (how cools is that!)
  • It can move food around on its shelves based on expiration dates to ensure food waste is minimal.
  • It can also reorder fresh food from an online grocer when it is needed and trash food that has expired on your behalf.

To save on energy:

  • It will be energy efficient.
  • The large LCD screen can show you what you have in your fridge so you don&;t need to open the doors to see – saving you energy and money!

So what do you think? Would you buy one of these if they went into production? I know there are some weeks I would love to skip trudging to the grocery store (especially this past week with the snow storms!)

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