Solar Powered Floating Homes: This Futuristic Ark is Reality

Since Rhode Island has recently experienced record-breaking rains, I figured itSolar Home was about time for a blog entry in reference to an Ark. Recently, RAFAA Architecture and Design released a Solar Floating Home Concept called The Last Resort. The design of this revolutionary home just won a design competition in Germany.

The floating home is 5 meters wide and 15 meters long. It features two levels of living space complete with sleeping bunks, mechanical equipment, a kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. The vertical blinds pictured, act as a shading device and privacy system. There is even a staircase that leads to the roof, which serves as an extra deck. The solar home‘s solar panels are integrated into the roof and generate electricity for the two electric motors that propel the home. While the homes pictured below look very futuristic, the design team claims we can expect them to begin fabrication by years end.

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Photo and Source Credit: inhabitat



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