Solar Powered Trash Cans

If you are in providence and end up in Kennedy Plaza or at Brown University, you may spy a small, yet thick silver container with a solar panel atop.  These are the BigBelly Solar trash cans that are popping up.  Don’t let these little guys fool you- they pack a lot of power.

Using the energy created by the solar panel, this trash can periodically compacts the trash and can even call for a pick up when full.  How does it do it?  Well, the trash compacts so it can hold 4-5 times more trash than a normal trash can, cutting the cost of trash collection by up to 80% once fuel, carbon emissions and vehicle wear and tear is added in.  The receptical also houses a wireless network maintenance and management software that tracks the trash put into the bin so pick up is never scheduled too early or too late.

Although the price tag is hefty (about $5,000) these trash recepticals would be a great addition to any high traffic site- parks, playgrounds, schools, etc.

Do you think these solar powered trash bins are a good idea? Where would you like to see one of these in your community?

Photo Credit: BigBelly Solar

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