Thatch is Back: The Reemergence of Thatched Roofs

That is right. Right now in England, thatched roofs are seeing a resurgence. Why you may ask? Thatched roofs have always been aesthetically pleasing but numerous concerns have limited their potential in the modern housing market. Some of these concerns included fire, insects, and expensive insurance. By marrying modern technologies, bug and fire retardant, with traditional thatching materials, the thatched roof is now a realistic solution for many homeowners. Because fire hazards have been reduced, insurance premiums have steeply declined. Additionally, thatchers today are better trained resulting in a higher quality build than you may have gotten years ago.

So why do people install thatched roofs? There is no better way to express it than straight from the homeowners:

“You get the wonderful snug feeling of a thatched cottage…” – Maureen Hind

“Outside noise is deadened in the upstairs rooms and when it starts to rain, you don’t know anything about it for the first couple of hours because you don’t get the dripping into gutters and hammering on to the roof tiles…What you do get is that lovely peaceful sound of raindrops gently falling from the thatch for a long time after it has stopped raining. It feels very natural, like the roof is breathing. There’s no sound like it.” – Roger Scanlan

In addition to providing a unique feel to the home, thatched roofs are eco-friendly. Thatch is a renewable material, usually water reed or straw. The demand for thatch material encourages the growth of wetland reed beds, which can provide habitats for threatened species. Furthermore, thatch proves to be a great natural insulator. Virtually all thatched roof homes should meet or exceed minimum insulation standards in most climates.

Both new construction and older homes are driving demand for this time-honored material. Thatch is versatile enough to create the traditional look of a cottage and the straight clean lines of a modern building. Be sure to take a look at some amazing thatched roofs below.

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