The Bio-Bug: A Waste of Technology?

With all the buzz about alternative energy and less dependency on fossil fuel, creativity has taken over to create hybrids, electric cars, and cars that run on anything from water, air and poop?  That&;s right!  GENeco Sustainable Solutions, owned by Wessex Water, has a live VW Beetle that runs on compressed methane gas, which is extracted from human waste.

The car is nicknamed the Bio-Bug and uses gas generated through the sewage treatment process at Bristol sewage treatment works in Avonmouth, United Kingdom.   It takes about 70 home&;s worth of waste to generate enough of the methane gas to power the car for 10,000 miles.

How does it work?
The waste is put into a decomposition container and broken down using oxygen starved bacteria.  This biogas works in conjunction with unleaded gas to run the car.  The unleaded gas is used to start the engine and achieve the correct temperature needed for performance.  Once the temperature is reached, the methane gas becomes the primary source of fuel.  The car has a modified engine to accommodate both fuels.  The methane gas is gathered and put into tanks located in the boot space of the car.

Why run your car on methane gas?

Although the car produces carbon dioxide, it can be considered carbon neutral because the carbon would have been released anyway.  The GENeco Beetle produces 3 metric tons of carbon dioxide while the average car produces 3.5 metric tons per year.   The Bio-Bug will be traveling around England to bring awareness to using alternative fuel sources.

Tell Us What You Think

Would you want a car run on methane gas?  Do you think this is a viable alternative fuel or publicity ploy?

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