The War on Leaves: What Weapons Will You Use This Fall?

Fall is very near, yes I am sorry but someone had to say it. Fall brings many positives with it including: apple picking, temperate weather (after this very hot summer), pumpkins, cider, Halloween, Sam&;s Oktoberfest Fest and NFL football. It also ushers in some not so fun activities as well, like raking. Can you think of a more tedious chore? I have 6 trees in my small 7000 sqft lot and the leaves never seem to end. The non-stop raking, the blisters, filling leave bags, allergies… I can&;t wait! At Moonworks, we are all about making life easier for our local RI and MA homeowners. To help you with your leaf piles, we have put together a guide with a few products that will help you combat your war on leaves this fall.

Leaf Vacuum Sounds great right? Wrong. I have one of these and it just plain doesn&;t work. Sure it sucks up leaves, but only a few at a time. Additionally, every 15 minutes you have to shut the thing down and clean it out. I have to admit, it is a benefit that the tool bags the leaves for you and mulches them so more fits in a bag, however the constant clogs are more trouble than it is worth. Have you had an experience with these you would like to share? Comment below and let us know.

Leaf Blower Now these are cool. Leaf blowers take much of the work out of leaf removal. They come in a range of sizes, weights, and power ratings. Blow all the leaves to one part of the yard and have at it. You may still need to use a rake for final touchups but these defiantly save your back.

Leaf Bag on Wheels As uncool as it sounds, I am going to say it. How awesome is this invention? Seriously, if you have spent several hours every year bagging leaves this will strike a cord with you. We all know the trials and tribulations of regular leaf bags. You lift the leaves into the bags making your hands and clothes disgusting with dirt. You feel itchier with every subsequent bag. Not too mention, the rage you feel when the bag rips! Well the Bagz-it Folding Cart may be the answer to your prayers. Just rake the leaves into the ground level bag and dispose of the leaves in the back of your yard.

Push Lawn SweeperThis is one interesting device! All you do ispush lawn sweeper push this interesting looking cart on wheels around the yard and it sweeps the leaves into a bag. These are easier on the back than raking and handy for removing leaves, grass clippings, and debris from your yard. While I have never used one of these myself, I would love to hear what you think of them. Let us know in the comments section.

Gutter Helmet Now, that you have the leaves off of the ground, you need to worry about the leaves in your gutters. This is an awful, nasty job that no one should have to do. When you install Gutter Helmet Gutter Protectionm, we guarantee you will never have to clean your gutters ever again. Take a look at our Gutter Helmet webpage and call us at 800-975-6666 to set up a time for a free quote..


Photo Credits: jpctalbot, Lawn Sweeper

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