Thought Leader Series: Pointers for Effectively Organizing Your Home with Labels

Organizing with labels
Michael Worth is the Founder of Crew Tags Int’l, LLC. He is an entrepreneur and a pilot, and he is currently pursuing all things UAV.

Everyone knows how important it is to label your luggage when traveling, but did you know that there are myriad great ways to use labels at home? Read on for some tips on how to get your house into tip-top shape by organizing with labels.

Organizing with labels

1. Get the Shed in Order

Have you ever put the weed-eater gas in the lawnmower? If you have, you already know how difficult it is to clean it out and get your mower running smoothly again. In fact, you might even have to pay someone to service the mower for you to get it operational. It’s much easier – and money-saving – to label your fuel in a manner that prevents this accident from ever happening. Sturdy plastic luggage tags with plastic locking straps are the perfect choice for this example, and also for many other items stored in your shed.

2. Avoid Kitchen Mishaps

The professional chefs among you will likely laugh at the idea of mistaking the salt for the sugar. But the simple truth is: it happens. Even celebrity chefs have been known to make a mistake while under pressure. Labeling the items in your pantry is a great way to avoid these types of culinary errors. 

Your options for labeling pantry goods are numerous, ranging from using just a permanent marker to opting for adhesive tags. Since this is an area that will often change and be reorganized, we’d suggest using a less-than-permanent option such as labeling tape.

3. Make Your Kids’ Stuff Easy to ID

Kids tend to require a lot of expensive equipment that they often leave laying wherever they happened to last use it – and those places aren’t always home. Label that equipment with property tags and/or luggage tags, as appropriate. Because more often than not, that lost equipment will be found by someone who wants to return it to you…if only they knew how to find you.

An important note about labeling your kids’ belongings, however, is to consider very carefully how you label them. You don’t want the wrong someone to use the information on your label to lure your child into a trap. Depending on your kids’ ages, it’s often best to use a first initial and last name with a parent’s phone number. Or better yet, use privacy protection luggage tags so walkers-by can’t take a peek at your child’s information.

4. Create an Impeccable Wardrobe

If you store any of your clothes in garment bags, or your shoes in boxes, labels will certainly make it easier to find the item of clothing or pair of shoes for which you’re looking. Luggage tags on the hanger of a garment bag with either an image of or name for the garment kept inside will make each of those bags distinguishable. Further organization is possible by using different colors – for example, using blue for winter clothes and yellow for summer.

5. Snazzy Gift Tags

Using luggage tags as gift tags really is the gift that keeps on giving. And that goes double for when the present it’s attached to is related to travel. A personalized luggage tag taped under the bow not only makes for a beautiful, high-quality gift tag, it’s also something the recipient can take with them and use over and over again.

In closing, luggage tags aren’t just for travel anymore. They can really save the day at home, and everywhere you and your kids may roam!

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