To DIY or Not To DIY…That is the Question

Home improvement is a very broad subject with many different areas of a home
 included under this one umbrella. As homeowners, we all know that the list of improvements/repairs never ends. Many of us are challenged with stretching our hard earned dollars further than ever due to strenuous economic times. Long lists and budgetary concerns drive many of us to Do It Yourself or (DIY). The real question is when is it appropriate to DIY?

Don’t DIY When: It Affects Your Building Envelope

A building envelope is the barrier between the interior and exterior of a building, in this case your home. What is included in the building envelope? Your roof, vinyl siding, windows, and doors. Any time you are looking at a home improvement that affects airflow in and out of your home or an improvement that shields your home from the elements, it is a good idea to hire a professional. Below are a few reasons:

Roofing – Did you know your roof needs to breath just like you? If your roof doesn’t have the correct amount of ventilation, several problems can occur including ice dams and mold to name a few. Additionally, your roof shields the rest of your home from rain and snow. Wouldn’t you rather rest assured that water won’t damage the rest of your home?

Siding – This is tricky stuff to install correctly, the keyword here is correctly. Good Vinyl Siding installers are more like artists than contractors. The material is difficult to install and concurrently ensure your home will remain watertight.

Windows – What good are energy efficient windows if they aren’t installed correctly and air sealed? Ultra-efficient double paned glass only matters when the window is installed correctly and air isn’t flowing through the window frame.

Doors – Have you ever tried to install a door in an older home? While it is doable, it is not a pretty job. Most older homes have door openings that are no longer true. This means the door installed can’t be truly square and needs to be measured to 1/8th of an inch to fit correctly.

DIY When: No Harm Can be Done

Here at Moonworks, we encourage homeowners to DIY whenever possible. There are many jobs around your home that you can easily handle and save money by accomplishing them yourself. Some of these jobs include:

Painting – Painting is one of the most inexpensive home improvements you can do yourself and achieve drastic results. Nothing freshens up a room like a clean painting job. Often you can finish an entire room in half a day.

Landscaping – If you are in good health and have the time, why not do all of your landscaping yourself? Many homeowners enjoy doing work around their yard on a sunny day while enjoying a crisp beverage at the same time.

Small Repairs – Need to repair the caulk around that window? Stain the deck? Repair 1 cracked bathroom tile? Go for it! Jobs like these aren’t worth calling in a professional. Do a Google search before you start and go for it.

It is important to weigh the cost and reward for each home improvement project before you start. Be sure to keep in mind the cost, risks, and of course the value of your time before determining to go pro or do it yourself!

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