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Here on the Moonworks Home Improvement Blog, we are always striving to write articles that we believe will interest our readers. Sometimes we hit the mark and sometimes we don’t; you never know for sure what will strike a cord with the readers. Below is a list of 5 articles that really hit a homerun and are our most trafficked pages on our blog.

Prevent Ice Dams: Everything You Need to Know About Ice Dams 

In the Northeast, we are accustomed to inclement weather and by this I mean SNOW. Snow isn’t only annoying to shovel, but it can cause damage to our homes through the creation of ice dams. An ice dam is a region of ice that forms at the edge of a home’s roof. It prevents the drainage of water (melting snow) from flowing off the roof. Ice dams usually cause water to back up resulting in water damage to your home. Damage usually occurs in walls, ceilings, roofs, and insulation. Read more about Ice Dams here.

5 Amazing Modern Roof Pictures

Your home’s roof represents a large portion of your home’s curb appeal. Click here for 5 pictures of contemporary and modern roofs that we thought you would find interesting.

Home Improvement Tax Credits Cheat Sheet

Recently Al Heavens of the article reminds homeowners that the tax credits in the ARRA or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are temporary. Some of the credits qualify homeowners for significant savings but the certain guidelines for each product must be met. Al Heavens article does an excellent job in breaking down some of these requirements. Click Here to Read On.

Cash for Caulkers (Homestar Bill) Is Back

Tuesday, President Obama proposed rebates up to $3000 to help homeowners pay for energy-efficient upgrades in their homes. While Congress has not yet passed this plan as a formal bill, it is a major initiative backed by the White House and is sure to be fast tracked over the next month. The hope of the Home Star program, aka Cash for Caulkers, is to make Americans’ homes more energy-efficient while creating jobs during these trying times. Read More

Monitor Energy and Save Energy: Picowatt is your Smart Grid at Home

Are you tired of listening to all this talk of installing the smart grid and not seeing results? Well why don’t you install a smart grid technology yourself? Now you can!

Picowatt, a Rochester New York based start-up, is building Wi-Fi enabled smart plugs and putting homeowners in charge of their energy usage. Picowatt produces smart plugs that are strategically placed throughout the home to minimize energy usage and report real-time on energy consumption. The smart plug device is easily installed by placing it over an existing outlet. Read On about Picowatt

Bonus: Up and Coming

The two blogs below are moving at a rapid pace with their daily visits off the charts.

Vanilla Ice Turned Home Improvement Guru?

This blog is currently on fire and being read at a pace that may unseat some of the heavy weights mentioned above.

Replacing a Traditional Fireplace with a High Efficiency Wood Stove Insert (My Home)

A blog on the install of a fireplace in my very own home.


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