What Makes a Good Roof?

Sure we all know that roofs are essential to making a home; however, some are actually better than others. What makes this occur? Is it the shingles? Is it the base? In order to answer these questions, we have researched just what it is that makes you love your roof!

Roofs definitely take their share of a beating, so they need to be built strong enough to endure anything that Mother Nature springs on them. If a roof isn’t installed correctly using only high-quality materials, your home can end up in serious danger. Roofs have to stand up to many different climate types depending on where in the world your house is located. Some roofs must survive below-freezing temperatures in the winter, scorching temperatures in the summer, ultraviolet rays from the sun, as well as rain, snow, hail and ice falling on them year-round. The quality of roof you use can determine how long it lasts throughout the years in these conditions.

When it comes to roofing materials, the most commonly used is asphalt shingles. While there are some regions in the United States where other materials make sense because of local preferences or special climatic conditions, there’s no material that competes with asphalt on a cost-per-years-of-service basis. Actually, asphalt roofing is used on nine out of ten houses built in the U.S.!

At Moonworks , we never re-roof. Before we put on a new roof, we restore every single layer underneath to ensure it can reap the benefits of GAF-Elk’s Weather StopperĀ® system for years to come.

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