Will Gutter Covers Fit Your Gutters?

For some reason, leaves, twigs, and other debris simply love to wash down your roof and collect in your gutters, along with the water those gutters are intended to catch. Having a clogged-up gutter is pretty much like having no gutter at all. The obvious solution to this problem is to cover your gutters with something that will keep this garbage out. But what kind of gutter cover should you choose — and how do you know whether it will fit?

Gutter Standards

Fortunately for anyone who has to purchase and install gutter covers without the benefit of professional guidance, the vast majority of gutters come in one of two sizes. Unless you have a particularly esoteric roof design, chances are that your gutters are either 5 inches wide or 6 inches wide. A tape measure will clear that question up for you in a matter of seconds. (Don’t be too surprised, however, if your readings show that your gutters are actually only 4 inches wide, because that size shows up on some installations as well.)


Gutter covers
How wide is this gutter?


There are also a few different basic shapes out there. Half-round or U-shaped gutters were the traditional shape going back to the turn of the past century, but in recent decades countless roofs have been fitted with elongated rectangular “fascia” gutters or the slightly more curvy “K-style” gutters. You don’t have to worry too much about the shape, though; all that matters is that the opening of the gutter can accommodate the cover you wish to install.

The Right Fit for Your Needs

While most gutter covers fit directly onto the lip of a gutter, some attach to the roof shingles as well. You can get standard-size DIY products at”big box” home improvement stores. But be warned that these DIY products tend to be made cheaply, with performance to match.

Ordinary mesh gutter covers, for instance, can get covered over with leaves quickly, turning your gutter into a non-gutter. Gutter foam, which fills the gutter area and lets water through while blocking solids, can be cut to fit your gutter dimensions precisely, but this product isn’t problem-free either. All those solids are just going to keep building up on the foam, and eventually the water won’t be able to penetrate it.


Gutter covers
Leaves belong on trees, not enmeshed in your mesh gutter covers.


Bypass Fit Problems With a Gutter Hood

Gutter hoods such as the Moonworks Gutter Helmet don’t have to be fitted to your gutter because they don’t actually connect to it. The hood connects to the roof and acts as a kind of extension to the slope, creating an overhang. Debris rolls past the gutter and off the roof while the water collects on the edge and drips right into the gutter where it belongs.

Professional installers can make sure the length and angle of your gutter hood allows for perfect performance. Call Moonworks at 1-800-975-6666 to get a quote and schedule an evaluation and installation for your very own Gutter Helmet — the gutter cover that truly does fit the bill!

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