10 Creative Uses for Used Clean Gutters

Clean gutters

Gutters can function in many ways besides funneling the rain away from your house.

When you finally replace your old, basic rain gutters with something more modern and functional, don’t be too quick to resign them to the scrap heap or the recycling pile. Here are a whole bunch of ideas for how to give those tired gutters new life with a good cleaning, some metal cutters and a little bit of paint.

1. Bookshelves

By fastening the gutters to the wall, homeowners can display picture books with covers facing out so that kids can easily find their favorites at a glance. If your kids are older, you can mimic expensive photo frame shelves with some clean gutters and make a stylish focal wall.

2. Planters

Whether attached to a wall, a fence, or a window, gutters are the perfect size for planters. You can grow strawberries, flowers or an herb garden wherever you’ve got space, inside or out by planting them in clean used gutters.

3. Narrow shelving

By installing gutters in different places in the house, you can have storage for small items that might otherwise get lost or fall off a regular shelf. Everything from small power tools or paint cans in the garage to rolls of ribbon in the craft room can be stored on these gutter-shelves, which only stand out a few inches from the wall.

4. Plant protector

Setting pieces of gutter upside down over your tender plants on cold nights can help them survive a late frost. Gutter pieces can be easily stacked inside each other to store in less space until they are needed again.

5. Cord keeper

Mounting gutter pieces under a shelf or desk can give charging cords and others a place to be out of sight, rather than jumbled together in an unsightly fashion.

6. Built in drink cooler

As a custom built-in for your next picnic table, this gutter-trough can be filled with ice to keep drinks cold all afternoon.

7. Pipe Stabilizer

Sections of gutter just a few inches wide can be used to hold a pipe in place by screwing both ends into the wall around the pipe.

Clean gutters
Gutter pieces are just the right size and shape to make good planters and window boxes.

8. Homemade Carnival Game

Two pieces of gutter placed parallel with each other can make a great racing boats game. Give racers each a water gun and see who can squirt their boat across the finish line first.

9. Floating Candle Tablescape

An elegant centerpiece for an evening dinner party can be gotten for a song by lining the middle of the table with pieces of clean gutter and filling with water and candles. Placing flower arrangements around the trough will disguise any rough edges.

10. Women’s Shoe Storage

That empty wall in the closet or bedroom can be transformed into fabulous shoe storage by mounting several spaced rows of gutter pieces to hang shoes on by the heels. A small space can hold lots of shoes, so you just might have to go shoe shopping to help fill it up.

Clean gutters are useful whether they are on your house or off. To make sure your gutters won’t clog in a storm or to replace them with new ones that will work better, call Moonworks at 1-800-975-6666.

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