Box Office 460: Energy-Efficient “Storage Container Office” in RI

I’m sure by now most of you have passed it but do you know the details behind it? What am I talking about? This:

The 11,000 square foot “Box Office” (Box Office 460) is located right on Route 95 in Providence RI. The office was designed by Distill Studio and constructed Box Office 460by Stack Design Building. 12 office/studio spaces are available and include lease discounts for tenants that agree to energy conservation behaviors.

This eclectic building was constructed from 32 old shipping containers. Aside from looking really cool as you pass by it on the highway, this new-age building is packed with many cutting edge building technologies. The structure utilizes 25% less energy than a conventional new office building. Efficiency gains were achieved by utilizing high-performing windows, air-to-air heat pumps (HVAC), and daylight response sensors. Additionally, bio-swales (rain gardens), which allow rainwater to penetrate the ground, will reduce storm water runoff by a projected 67%. Be sure to check out the time lapse video below of the construction process.



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Photo and Source Credits: Jetson Green and  TreeHugger

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