Control4 Automates Your Home on the IPad

As our home’s become more automated, our lives become more complicated.
 Many of our homes now have programmable digital thermostats, dimmable lighting, advanced entertainment systems and more. Control4 attempts to simplify these systems and manufactures a complete line of affordable wired and wireless automation products, making safety, convenience, comfort and economy available to virtually anyone.

Control4 is always on the cutting edge. Just recently the company released an Ipad app that can be integrated with your home’s Control4 system. This application allows you to control everything from your television system to your temperature setting in your bedroom all from your tablet computer. See the video below for a demonstration.

If you are a regular follower of the Moonworks Blog, Control4 shouldn’t be a new name to you. The company was charged with the task of integrating not only the home’s controls but also the energy reporting in the Green Life Smart Life home in Narragansett. Be sure to check out more details on the amazing LEED home here.

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