Green Building: Pharos Project – Bringing Transparency to Building Materials

Pharos Project LensToday everyone is concerned with what chemicals are in their food and if there is lead in their child’s toys. However, there isn’t as much attention paid to the chemicals and composition of the building materials in our home. A recent start up, the Pharos Project, seeks to change that. The Pharos Project is a network of building professionals and manufacturers committed to transparency. Pharos is a subscription based service, similar to Consumer Reports, that allows consumers to evaluate the chemical composition of building materials as well as the process used to manufacture the material. This allows consumers to be informed on the environmental effects, health effects, and social benefitsof building materials used in their home.

Right now Pharos offers ratings on three products: MDF-Particle Board-Wheatboard, Resilient Flooring, and Batt Insulation with plans to expand their product mix in the future. If you are interested in taking a look around sign up for the trial here or become a fan on Facebook. The Pharos project will bring more transparency to an industry that is suffering from rampant green washing. Here at Moonworks, we are anxiously awaiting the for the Pharos Project to expand their product mix and act as a resource to our homeowners across the Northeast. 


Moonworks is proud to offer several green and energy efficient products including: Energy-Efficient Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows, Blown-in Insulation, and Solar Hot Water Systems.

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