Want to move from your Home? Check out a Yurt

Do you ever feel like packing only your most valuable possessions and leaving itYurt all behind? Well nomads have been doing this for thousands of years and they have figured out a way to take their homes with them with the yurt. Yurts traditionally were utilized primarily in Central Asia. The word yurt is originally Turkish and refers to the imprint left in the ground. A traditional yurt was made from a circular wood lattice frame and covered with felt created from sheep’s wool. The yurt was designed to easily be dismantled and the parts carried on camels or yaks and rebuilt on another site.

Recently, western enthusiasts have modernized the yurt for numerous other climates. These new-age yurts are made with modern materials and take days to assemble, which make them less mobile. There are more creature comforts than the traditional yurts but they are definitely different than your average home. They still include windows, doors, insulation, and some even have a cocktail bar. Calculate the price of your dream yurt here. Or if you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge you could rent a yurt here.  Check out some of the pictures below.

Yurt Snow




Traditional Yurt Photo Credit

Modern Yurts Photo Credit


If a yurt isn’t for you and you are looking to make some home improvements feel free to look around the rest of our home improvement website or contact us to set up a free appointment. 

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