How a Reward Program Can Save You Money on Home Renovations

Reward programs are typically structured to provide some kind of savings to participants. The program may be a point system where each purchase earns points that can be redeemed for something of value like merchandise, a special deal or a discount on future services. Other reward programs offer deals to repeat customers or customers who make certain purchases in a given time frame.

Saving money with reward programs for services like home renovations can happen in several ways. When considering what home renovations to have done, many homeowners think about the return on investment — how much that renovation will increase the value of their home. Using discounts from a reward program, homeowners can recoup more of their investment, even all of it in some cases. It may be possible to do renovations when the cost is less that you weren’t considering at full price.

You may also be able to finance subsequent renovations with the equity created by the first renovation, which saves you in out-of-pocket costs and allows you to build your investment in your home. For many homeowners, your home is your biggest investment, and you want to make it as valuable as possible at the lowest cost to you. Reward programs can help you achieve this goal, whether your roof needs repair or you need to replace your HVAC system.

Saving money is the primary motivator for most customers that sign up for reward programs. Customers don’t want to spend more money than they have to, and if they can save money, they are willing to sign up. There are other benefits to reward programs that can be as valuable as a discount, however, and make reward programs all the more … well, rewarding.

Home renovations Reward programs are sometimes known as loyalty programs.

Continuity of Services/Customer Service

When you become a repeat customer and purchase multiple related services from one provider, you will gain a continuity that can help the provider give you better customer service. When you get service from the same provider repeatedly, that provider will get to know you and your needs, allowing them to do a better job on your projects.

With more knowledge about your situation, preferences, and past purchases, a business can better match its services to your particular needs and wants, in addition to any monetary savings. Moonworks offers a reward program with a discount to anyone buying a different category of service than their original purchase. Repeat purchases may mean faster services since Moonworks professionals will be familiar with your home and its particulars.

Priority of Services

Joining a reward program can give you priority when you do need services performed. This isn’t always the case, but even if it isn’t the official policy of a company to give priority to repeat customers, being a repeat customer will make most businesses more likely to pay attention when a request comes in.

Moonworks offers reward programs for repeat customers and for those who refer new customers. You can always get a free estimate from Moonworks even if you don’t join the reward program. Call 1-800-975-6666 to speak to a Moonworks professional about your renovation needs.

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