How A Reward Program Can Save You Money on Your Home Improvement Needs

Home improvements aren’t free, are they? As much as we all wish you could get a new roof or replace your windows for nothing, it just doesn’t work that way. So when you can save money on home improvements you need to make anyway, you might as well do so. Choosing a contractor with one or more rewards programs can help you minimize the cost of maintaining your property and keeping it in tip-top shape.

All About Rewards Programs

A rewards program gives you discounts or credit toward future repairs when you purchase a renovation. Some rewards programs work on a points system, such as one point for every dollar you spend, while others offer a flat discount percentage or make customers eligible for certain special offers.

While some rewards programs may be more worthwhile than others, you shouldn’t pay a membership fee or deal with a lot of restrictions on how you use your rewards. The simpler the program, the more likely you are to understand it and actually use it. If there is a lot of fine print, it’s likely you will find it difficult to benefit as much as the business claims you might.

What About Referrals?

Another way businesses can reward existing customers is to institute a referral program. These programs usually give some credit or a discount to both newly referred customers and the customers who refer them. These programs are a win-win circumstance for everyone — customers save money and the business gets new customers.

You might not feel comfortable referring everyone you know to a home improvement business. However, if you know that one of your family members, friends or neighbors is looking for a contractor or wants to make improvements to their home, it makes sense to refer them to a business you have used successfully in the past and plan to use again.

Home improvement
Loyalty programs offer discounts.

Moonworks’ Rewards Programs Offer Savings to Repeat Customers

Moonworks has two rewards programs to help its customers save money on home improvements.

The 25 for Life program gives existing customers a 25% discount when they purchase a home improvement service from a different category than the one they initially purchased from Moonworks. This is a lifetime discount. For example, a customer who purchased services related to an energy audit could later get a 25% discount on a new roof or a Gutter Helmet.

The Moonworks Referral Program offers a $100 gas card to Moonworks customers who refer a friend or family member when that individual purchases a service from Moonworks. In addition, the newly referred customer receives a $100 discount on the service purchased.

These programs reward loyal Moonworks customers, with the recognition that both repeat business and new customer referrals are a valuable part of what makes Moonworks a regionally recognized home improvement company in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

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