5 Reasons for Water Leaks and What You Should Do About Them

A water leak could signify roof problems, but there are other causes for leaks as well. Here are the main sources of water leaks around your home and some steps to take if you do have a leak.

1. A Spilled Drink.

If a family member spills a drink on your hardwood floor, water can leak through the cracks onto the ceiling below. This is simple to fix, but can cause staining on the ceiling depending on the type of drink and how long it is left there without being cleaned up. Since the leak is short term, it is not likely to cause any mold problems and if staining does occur, it can be primed and repainted when dry.

2. Leaky Pipes.

A sudden leak or a very slow leak over time can lead to damage in your home. When you discover the leak, it’s important to find the source and repair the pipes to prevent any further problems. Once the pipes have been fixed, the damaged walls or ceiling can be either painted over or removed and replaced, depending on the extent of the damage. If there is any evidence of mold growth, it must be removed before repairing the damage. Homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of fixing leaky pipes and fixing damage in some cases.

3. Flood Damage.

A severe storm can cause drains to back up or water to flow into your house. It’s important to dry out areas and possessions that get wet when water enters the home. This helps prevent mold growth that can spread to other areas of the home or cause health problems. Flood damage may be covered by some homeowner’s insurance policies, although many companies require a separate policy to cover floods.

Water leaks
The roof can be a source of leaks, especially if it is more than 10-15 years old.

4. Sprinkler System Leak.

If you have a built in sprinkler system, a leak underground could eventually cause damage to your foundation or basement. If you notice any wet or damaged areas in your basement, you should have your sprinkler system checked right away. You may want to shut it off until it can be properly assessed. Unusually high water usage could also be a sign of a leaking sprinkler system.

5. Roof Damage or Wear.

The average roof lasts 10-15 years, but leaks can develop anytime due to storm damage, animal or insect infestation, or other problems. If the damage is due to a storm, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the repairs. If it’s just general wear and tear, you should check your roof’s warranty to see whether repairs could be covered. Replacing the entire roof is an option in some cases of large leaks when a roof is nearing the end of its useful life and repairs will only be a temporary fix.

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