How about it – Green energy in Rhode Island!

While many places around the world are working on renewable energy development, Rhode Island still is in the works of growing its activity in the green energy and green technology sectors. By investing in renewable energy, Rhode Island can not only create jobs and spur economic development, they can also develop new and innovative technology, reduce the dependence on foreign oil and address environmental concerns and provide energy security for the state. Rhode Island has an opportunity to more fully leverage its coastal location, natural resources such as wind, water and sun and all other renewable sources.

State officials have prepared a proposal for spending $58 million in energy stimulus money and have drafted a state energy plan that envisions keeping more of that money in state by investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy! This plan, which totals in at twenty three pages, hopes to boost the employment rate and increase energy cost savings. The new energy plan calls for transforming the state’s economy where the areas of science and technology become major players. It also calls for increasing energy efficiency statewide to 25 percent above 1990 levels, by 2012. Rhode Island has been in the process of working on different energy issues, including participating in the regional greenhouse gas initiative, mandating that new state buildings comply with “green” standards and supporting a major offshore wind project.
If plans go correctly, Rhode Island will definitely make its mark in renewable energy within the United States!

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