The Empire Goes Green



Well the United States has started to go green, but we are just starting to scratch the surface. However, the Empire State Building is going green and soon. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Johnson Controls Inc., a company that provides products to optimize energy use, has been awarded a contract to help one of the nation’s most recognizable landmarks to go green.

Johnson will refurbish the building’s windows to keep out the summer heat and reduce winter heat loss. I don’t know the specifics, but my guess is they are going to apply a coating on the inside and outside of the window and utilize the original glass. Usually these coatings are made up of a metal oxide and Low-E or low emissivity. The metal oxide reduces water spotting and the Low-E reflects the suns rays away from the building in the summer and keeps heat in during the winter.

In all, the Empire State building will spend $20 million in energy-efficiency upgrades; hopefully cutting the building’s energy use by 38% a year! One of the main drivers pushing the greening of our federal and commercial buildings is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s stimulus program. The act has slotted $4.5 billion to transform federal facilities into greener buildings.

Why does all of this matter? Aside from saving energy across the federal and commercial sector, the greening of icons builds awareness. Projects like these spearhead new thinking about America’s energy consumption and future direction. Additionally, it builds awareness with residential consumers about new eneEnergy Efficient Tax Creditrgy efficient technologies that can be used in homes like yours and mine. Moonworks has embraced the green movement and offers Low-E4 glass with our Renewal by Andersen windows, Solaris and Cool Colors roofing shingles that reflect the sun’s rays to save energy on cooling costs, and Solar solutions with our Repower Home Solar Energy systems! The greening of America is rolling, be sure to jump on early while the government will pay for part of the cost!

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