Insulation: Owens Corning Advances Recycling Throughout Supply Chain

Recently, Owens corning announced the company has made great strides in its quest to be a more sustainable. Currently, Owens Corning Fiberglass insulation products have the highest certified recycled content in North America. This month, Owens Corning added 10% more recycled content to their fiberglass insulation products, resulting in a minimum of 50% of every batch containing recycled glass materials. In addition to keeping glass out of landfills, melting down the recycled glass requires less energy to produce the final product.

Owens Corning works closely with the recycling industry to increase participation in recycling programs. The company has recently formed a strategic alliance with Ripple Glass. This alliance will allow Owens Corning to use the recycling processor’s facility to locally produce the fiberglass insulation material on-site, eliminating the need for material transportation.

Owens Corning is certainly thinking out of the boxing and an example of a progressive green company. In addition to large corporations doing their part, we also need homeowners to do their part to slow global warming. Luckily, now is the perfect time to go green and save some green. If you insulate today you can take advantage of the perfect storm of savings.

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