Green Countertops: IceStone

One of the most popular home improvement projects are kitchen remodels. When you think of a kitchen remodel, what first comes to mind? Of course, the new shiny counter top! Traditionally, homeowners were limited to granite, ceramic tile, and laminates for counter materials. Well now you have more options to choose from with IceStone.

IceStone is a durable surface made from 100% recycled glass and cement to create a green concrete surface. It is the first and only durable surface to receive Cradle to Cradle certification. The material can be used for backsplashes, table tops, flooring, and even commercial application. IceStone comes in a variety of colors and would look great in any home application. If you are interested in your building becoming LEED Certified, this counter top could even help you earn some LEED points!

This is truly an original and practical sustainable idea. The company definitely practices what it preaches with regards to sustainability. The factory is day lit and the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

Moonworks does not provide kitchen remodels but is dedicated to educating the public about all subject matter surrounding home improvement. Thanks to the GreenLifeSmartLife Blog for bringing our attention to this great building material.


Source: IceStone


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