Roofing and Ventilation

So many people think a roof is merely shingles applied to the top of their house.
When in fact, a properly installed roof is actually a “roofing system” with many more components then just shingles.
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One of the most important components of a “roofing system” is balanced ventilation.
This means there is an equal amount of intake and exhaust, allowing your home to continually breath. There is actually a mathematical formula, that quality roofers will use to determine exactly how many square inches of intake and exhaust are needed for the specific home that they are installing a roofing system on. The intake occurs through soffit vents, and the exhaust through a ridge vent. When a balanced ventilation system is properly installed, cooler air is constantly entering the soffits, it rises up pushing warmer air out through the ridge.

Why is balanced ventilation so important? There are several reasons. First of all it will extend the life of the roofing shingles. Additonally, it will reduce cooling costs, by keeping your attic cooler in the summer. Perhaps most importantly, it proper ventallation will help keep moisture out of your attic reducing the risk of unhealthy mold and mildew developing in your attic. Recent research indicates that there are many health risks associated with mold in homes. And if it does develop it is very costly to have removed.

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