When Storms Become Dangerous: 5 Considerations

When storms become dangerous
Paying attention to storm warnings can give you a chance to stay safe.

Severe weather can impact your area at any time. Sometimes you have advance warning of storms that can become dangerous, while other times weather can take a sudden turn for the worse without much of a chance to do anything about it ahead of time. Here are some things to consider when thinking about how severe weather might impact your home.

1. Stay in the know.

Most cell phones are now equipped to get severe weather alerts. There are many weather apps available, and the news (radio and TV) typically covers severe weather threats as well. Sometimes it can seem like a great idea to shut out the world for a few days by turning off all electronics, but keeping an eye out for severe weather and staying informed is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

2. Prepare ahead of time.

When severe weather is predicted, it can prompt large numbers of people to try to prepare all at once. Important supplies like bottled water, batteries, and generators may be impossible to find and purchase just before a storm hits. It’s better to prepare when everything is calm and supplies are plentiful.

You also won’t have a lot of time to prepare. Although you may have advance notice hours ahead of the dangerous conditions, you won’t have time to do any home renovations that could make your home more resilient to the harsh weather, such as replacing windows, repairing the roof, or installing hurricane shutters. Lack of preparation may lead to more damage to your home that has to be repaired later.

3. Listen to authorities.

If an order comes to evacuate from your home, it’s important to listen. Nobody wants to leave home during a storm, but you could end up getting hurt or killed by staying in an unsafe area. You could also risk causing injury or death to service personnel if you become stranded and they need to enter an unsafe area to rescue you.

When storms become dangerous
The effects of severe weather can sometimes be minimized with the right preparations.

4. Know common safety procedures.

What should you do if there’s an imminent tornado warning? How about for a flash flood or an earthquake? Knowing what to do in an emergency situation could save your life, so take some time to learn typical procedures. Even if your area doesn’t experience a particular type of emergency very often, you never know when you might be traveling or just communicating with someone in a different area and need to know what to do.

5. Keep your insurance coverage up to date.

Home insurance is meant to protect you from financial loss if your home is damaged or destroyed. If your house has appreciated in value, your coverage may need to be updated or you might not be able to fully restore the home in the event of a disaster.

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