Would Your Gutter Benefit From a Heated Helmet?

Heated helmet

You may have heard about Heated Helmet, the innovative solution to the problem of frozen gutters and their related hazards. This self-regulating coil runs the length of your guttering system and heats up only when the ambient temperature drops below a certain point. Since it’s GFCI-protected, it will never overheat — making Heated Helmet a safe and effective away to prevent ice formation inside your gutters during the winter.

But even if you appreciate the concept, you maybe wondering if Heated Helmet is right for your home. To find out, ask yourself these questions:

Does your home’s roof see snowpack for any length of time?

If you live in the New England area, chances are your roof is snow-laden for at least a portion of the year. When this happens, the snow not only falls into the gutters, but any snowmelt that runs into the gutters can refreeze when temperatures drop below the freezing point (especially at night).

Have you ever had to use salt, ice picks, or ice scrapers to remove ice from your gutters?

These are the most common ways to get ice out of gutters. But salt may not always work effectively, and scrapers may be inadequate for significant ice buildup. And chopping at ice blocks with an ice pick is slow, tedious work.

Have you ever found yourself up on a ladder (or roof) dealing with ice in gutters?

If so, you’re putting yourself at risk of a painful and costly injury due to a fall. Lacerations, bruises, muscle sprains, broken bones, and even concussions are common outcomes of ladder and roof falls, which can lead to lost time at work and expensive medical care costs.

Do you frequently see icicles form on your gutters?

Even though they may look pretty, icicles on your gutters can lead to other issues. First, when these icicles melt during the day, the water drips down to the ground. If the surface is hard — like concrete or wood — the water can refreeze into a dangerous icy patch overnight and pose a slip-and-fall danger. Also, even moderately-sized icicles can break off and cause injury to anyone standing underneath them.

Have you seen evidence of ice-related gutter damage?

During and after your gutters are frozen, you may see signs of buckling or separating gutters sections. Perhaps an entire length of gutter has fallen due to the excess weight of ice in your gutters. The resulting repairs are either time-consuming for DIYers or costly for homeowners who must hire contractors for the repairs.

Have you dealt with water damage due to ice dams?

If ice forms in your gutters, there is nowhere for snowmelt to go. This liquid tends to find its way into homes via ceilings, attics, and walls. This leads to staining, crumbling drywall, and even mold and mildew inside homes.

Do you relish the idea of never having to clean your gutters again?

Not only does Heated Helmet melt ice and snow in gutters, but it also protects them from solid debris like twigs, leaves, and other tree refuse. These objects are repelled by the gutter cover while water drains into the gutters properly. With Heated Helmet, you never have to clean debris out of your gutters — even during warmer months of the year!

If you think that Heated Helmet may be right for your home, call the experienced, dependable experts at Moonworks for a free, on-site estimate. Either fill out the form on the right side of the page or call 1-800-975-6666 today.

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