Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Home improvements
Taking care of home improvements before guests arrive can give you peace of mind.

If the thought of having people over for holiday parties or an extended visit is giving you anxiety attacks, it’s time to address home improvements now while there is still time. You may not be able to build an addition in a week, but you can address minor concerns that will still make a big difference in how the house looks and functions.

Step One: Walk Through

It’s not about having the most updated home or keeping up with trends. Taking a walk through your house as if you were a visitor can reveal improvements that can make your home more welcoming and comfortable for your impending visitors.

Maybe your living room feels chilly because the front door needs replacing and windows need caulking. These are quick repairs that can be done in a day or two, unlike replacing windows, which is more time consuming. If the entryway is cluttered, installing hooks near the door and a bench with storage can help keep everything contained. When you look at your home through a visitor’s eyes, the needed improvements will become clear.

Step Two: Prioritize

It’s tempting to make a long list of “must-do” items when you only have time to accomplish a few before guests arrive. Try to determine which improvements will make the biggest difference and can be accomplished in the time available. Replacing the area rug and curtains in the living room is simple and quick; on the other hand, it isn’t likely you will have time to install new hardwood floors before Christmas when it’s already mid-December.

Maybe the guest room needs a new coat of paint and a closet re-do, but new bedding and a comfortable chair for the seating area may give it the extra boost needed to make the space cozier for Mom and Dad for this visit. Just don’t forget about your wish list after the holidays, when there will be plenty of time to work your way down your “must-do” list.

Home improvements
You and your guests will love your home this Christmas.

Step Three: Get Help

If you do decide to undertake something major before the holidays, it will be important to have professional help to finish on time. Although it’s difficult to know exactly how your timeline will work out for a contractor, it’s worth a phone call to see whether you waited too long or if you can still get that new toilet installed before you have twice as many people using it for a week.

Professionals can get the work done quickly since they have experience, and best of all, your other holiday preparations don’t have to stop while you devote your time to the needed improvements. Major projects like a roof repair or Gutter Helmet installation may even be able to be completed while your guests are there if the weather holds, since the projects are done outside and won’t affect the interior of the home.

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