Leaking Roofs & Cold Can Take Away From the Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Leaking roofs

An outdoor living space can extend your home and give you more space.

Many homeowners are extending their usable square footage by turning a deck, patio or overhang into an outdoor living space. During warm weather months, some furniture and decorative touches can make your space the perfect place to relax or entertain guests outdoors. For cooler climates, however, winter brings challenges with the use of an outdoor living space.

When temperatures drop and ice and snow invade, sitting on the deck or patio can be the last thing on homeowners’ minds. But some simple additions can make your outdoor living space a go-to destination for your family all year round, relieving some of that boxed-in, stir-crazy feeling winter can bring.

Roofs Provide Protection From the Elements

If your outdoor living space has a roof, the shade in summer is much welcomed. In winter, the roof may also protect the space from the cold, snow and ice, but sometimes leaking roofs on outdoor spaces are worse than no roof at all as far as the functionality of the space. Spending some money to repair the structure will keep outdoor adventurers safe and sound and will make the space warmer as well as drier.

If your outdoor space doesn’t have a roof, adding one could turn a warm-weather space into a year-round gathering place. Moonworks provides free estimates for roof repairs and additions by calling 1-800-975-6666.

Heat Sources for Outdoor Living Spaces

The simplest heating for an outdoor space is a fire pit, but for a covered space, this is usually not safe. Other ways to heat these spaces include electric space heaters, outdoor fireplaces or building radiant heat into the floor or walls. With a heat source, the space can become comfortable enough to use year-round, which may increase the value of your home, if not the official square footage.

Closing in the Space

Some patios and decks are already closed in by walls and railings, but there are a variety of ways to get the feel of a room without having four walls around you. A latticework of plants, vintage shutters as dividers, or an appropriate furniture arrangement can give the look and feel of walls at a fraction of the cost. Shutters and plants don’t help to keep out the cold, however, so if your goal is warmth, building at least a partial wall may be your best option.

Leaking roofs
Leaking roofs can dampen the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Indoor Touches Complete the Look

Putting lighting or a ceiling fan in your outdoor living space can make it more comfortable and inviting, but these can be hazards combined with a leaking roof or inadequate drainage from badly placed spouting. To get the indoor feel outside, be sure that safety is your number one concern and fix these issues first.

Moonworks offers a whole range of home improvements that can update or finish an outdoor living space so that it can be used year-round. Call us today at 1-800-975-6666 and find out how we can help you create outdoor living spaces you’ll enjoy during every season of the year.

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