New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Resolutions for your home
Do you need to make some New Year’s resolutions for your home?

It’s a new year, and one thing you can do to improve your life is to improve your home. While you are making New Year’s resolutions for other areas of your life, here are some resolutions you can make for your home this year.

1. Schedule a Home Energy Audit.

Most homes are wasting energy in some way or another. It could be inadequate insulation, cracks around windows, or a furnace that hasn’t been cleaned recently. Having a professional inspect your home can show you which improvements would save you money going forward to benefit the environment and your household’s bottom line. There are dozens of improvements you can make to help your home be more efficient and use less energy. Energy audits by Moonworks are free, and Moonworks partners with Mass SaveĀ® to get you energy tax credits and rebates for making improvements that will save you money.

2. Check Into the Possibility of Solar Roofing.

The tax credits for adding solar panels to your home are set to expire after this year, so time may be running out to get the maximum benefit from this improvement. Financing options are set up so that in many cases, the payments are completely offset by electricity savings, meaning that it doesn’t end up costing homeowners anything to get a solar roof. Adding solar, on average, increases a home’s value by over $11,000, so it really makes sense to look into solar roofing sooner rather than later.

Resolutions for your home
Making some needed improvements can protect your home and even grow its value.

3. Keep Clogged Gutters From Ruining Your Roof.

Installing Gutter HelmetTM on your roof will prevent debris from collecting in your gutters. This patented gutter cover uses cutting edge science to allow water to flow into gutters while leaves and other debris slides off the edge and stays out of the gutter. Clogged gutters can cause water to flow down the sides of your house and collect in your basement, even cause damage to the foundation that is expensive to fix. Protect your roof and your home with Gutter Helmet.

4. Prevent Ice Dams From Forming on Your Roof.

Ice Dams happen when the roof is too warm and causes snow to melt and refreeze along the edges of the roof. As the ice eventually melts, it can force water under the shingles and cause roof and structural damage. The key to preventing ice dams is proper insulation in the attic ceiling or between the top floor of the home and the roof. A heated Gutter Helmet may also help prevent ice dams in particularly stubborn cases.

It’s important to take care of your home so that it remains a good place for your family to live and retains its value if you should ever need to sell it. In the new year, why not take a little time to make sure you are protecting your home from damage and giving it the care and upkeep it needs.

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